Conversations That Close

Thousands of heart-centered entrepreneurs have
found this sales training INVALUABLE
and many credit our course as the cornerstone to their success.

  • Make more money doing what you love
  • Increase your income and your time and money freedom
  • Serve more clients with your gifts and talents
  • Dissolve any fear or resistance to selling
  • Feel more confident, ask for what your worth
  • Have clients easily invest in your services at a HIGH level.

The Conversations That Close
Online Sales Training Program Includes:

  • A Turn-Key Powerful 7 Step Sales System with 7 powerful, easily downloadable audio Mp3 sales training modules (complete the program and be ready to succeed in just 1 week)
  • Selling is Serving, Mind-set tools to increase your financial prosperity!
  • Listen to a LIVE Sales Call in ACTION. (Pre-Recorded)
  • Digital Course Work Book, Sales Scripts and 7 Step Sales System Outline
  • A Written and Scripted WINNING Sales Pitch Template (use this template for your unique product, program, or service)
  • A Formatted Client Questionnaire and Enrollment Form (you can format and use for your unique product, program or service)
  • A client satisfaction and money back guarantee.

Learn how to start the conversation!
PLUS... Learn How To Start the
Sales Conversation!

(This can make or break the sale!)
And the BEST Sales Questions to ask (scripted)!
So your PRE-QUALIFIED clients BUY, on the SPOT!


"Jennifer Jiménez and Rich Boggs have made a breakthrough in selling that is pure genius. They have created “Conversations That Close.” This is the most effective Sales Training I have seen in my 50 years of selling experience."

— Bob Proctor

"If you want to learn how to sell from the heart and become masterful in the art of closing, I highly recommend working with these sales masters!"

— Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author,
Internationally recognized Speaker & Mentor


"Conversations That Close was directly responsible for me making my first million dollars...but more than that, it gave me the confidence as a teacher to know that what I was offering was really valuable. If you're considering the program, stop considering and join immediately, because your clients NEED what you have to offer."

Mastin Kipp,
Founder of The Daily Love


This Highly Effective Sales Program Has
Helped Generate Millions of Dollars and it is

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"CTC is a brilliant sales program! Before CTC I was struggling with getting new clients but after learning this system I have a phenomenal client friendly formula that enabled me to increase my practice 5-fold. What I love about CTC is that it's logical, simple and service based. This method allows me to stay in my heart, never feeling salesy. Thank you! I am so grateful for your masterful guidance – it's changed my life."

— Sherri Nickols, Los Angeles, Life Coach & Author of Sexy and Sparkling After 40"


The Highest Sales Expertise at an Incredible Value

The materials in this program have been appraised at between $6,000 and $8,000 to receive the equivalent sales consulting, sales copy writing and sales training.

"Conversations That Close" is designed to help you achieve massive sales success in less time, with less effort.

It's time to finally BREAK FREE and receive the highest sales expertise, specifically designed for the heart-centered entrepreneur with simply...

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I have generated over $400,000 worth of income!

"I was a beginner at sales, to say the least. I used to have trouble even getting people to enroll in $39.00 programs. Now, my last client invested around $25,000! Since taking “Conversations That Close” I have generated over $400,000 worth of income doing what I love! If you are serious about being a success, this course is a must."

— Felicia Searcy, Nashville, TN


If you REALLY start selling with ease, and you increase the total number of clients you enroll by 10%, 20% 30% or more, what would that be worth to you business?

Now imagine you increase those numbers over a ten your period? What's that total amount? Really do the math, for many companies it's well over a million dollars.

We have found that people who invest in "Conversations That Close" see measurable results immediately with a 10-30% increase in sales on average. Plus, they are FOREVER grateful and feel this training was THE BEST investment they could have ever made in their business!

When you register, you will immediately access a special private program website where you can download all of your powerful 'Conversations that Close' enrollment materials, and get started immediately.


"I was already good at sales, but using the "Conversations That Close Sales System," I am now closing 3 times as many clients as before! This sales system took me from a "sales mentality" to really connecting with my prospects. Now, I am better connected, and provide a better service. One of the BEST decisions I ever made for my business, my success, and my family was saying YES to this program, I hope you do the same!"

— Mark McAulifee, Kansas City, MO

Never go through a sales moment again feeling stuck.
Start today and feel CONFIDENT, Empowered, and Supported!

We've got your back!

We believe in you, and our system REALLY WORKS!

Discover step-by-step exactly what we've done to sell over $50 million dollars in programs and services over the past 7 years!

You CAN double your income potential in just 7 days.

This is NOT for EVERYONE!
This system is specifically designed for heart-centered, difference-makers!

Meet the Co-Founders of the
Institute For Sales Mastery and your expert faculty!

With over 40 years combined sales experience, Jennifer Jiménez and Rich Boggs are a power-house team and co-founders/authors of "CTC" (Conversations That Close, the 7-step system for the successful enrollment conversation). This dynamic brother-sister duo are dedicated to training and supporting purpose-driven, difference-makers to sell with greater ease and achieve extraordinary results! Thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide are using this incredible program to create exceptional sales success. Over $100 million in sales can be attributed to this powerful, proven, heart-centered sales system.

Jennifer Jiménez is a world-renowned sales trainer and health and wellbeing industry leader. She especially loves helping change agents unlock their full potential and generate millions in sales through heart-centered selling. Jennifer is a top sales trainer and owner of the Health & Wellbeing division for Brave thinking Institute, the premier training center for transformational coaching. Fluent in Spanish and professional dancer, Jennifer is most proud of her 25-year marriage to her soul mate and raising their 3 healthy children.

Rich Boggs is a highly successful sales coach and serial entrepreneur, specializing in building and running million-dollar sales organizations. Rich divides his time teaching, speaking, coaching and serving full time as the Sales Director and expert faculty member for the Brave Thinking Institute, the premier training center for transformational coaching. A certified pilot and marathon runner, Rich lives in Rancho Santa Fe, CA with his wife of 27 years and his two teenage children.

Register now with one easy payment of $2,997

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